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Play two notes at the same time

Posté : dim. oct. 25, 2015 10:51 pm
par mariepiermin98
* English is not my frst language, please be forgiving *

Hi, I Marie-Pier and i had only 10H cello classes ( yes i know it's not a lot, but with school and personal project it was a little crazy). I have a base for everything you must know for playing ( ex: notes, strings, position, how tunning, bow..)but I have a question: How play two notes in the same time. I thought maybe someone on this forum could help me. I really can't and I would love learn how do it. Actually, I can play note by note quite good but I would love to know how because I saw many music sheet with more than one note for the same time((like C-E-G together) do you understand what i mean ?).

I hope you can help me !

It is been a long time I have not play and when I played again, I remembered why I had started...

I can not wait to read your answer !

Re: Play two notes at the same time

Posté : lun. oct. 26, 2015 12:08 am
par pmelet

to play 2 notes at the same time, you just have to play 2 strings at the same time.
Of course, it means that you cannot play notes that are not on 2 adjacent strings.

Maybe I did not fully understand your question....


Re: Play two notes at the same time

Posté : lun. oct. 26, 2015 5:35 pm
par mariepiermin98
thank you ( I know the question was a little stupid but I really had trouble with that.. :P )